By signing up for coaching with WELLNESS WHILE WORKING you are agreeing to the following.

1. You will be honest, courageous and willing to do the work needed to benefit your life.

2. You are willing to explore challenges and opportunities with a creative and open mindset.

3. You will pay the nominated fees in full before the first session (where applicable).

4. You will notify Megan of any changes to your circumstances along the way that will impact your physical/emotional safety or ability to participate in these sessions.

5. No refund is available once the fees are paid except if in agreeance between you and Megan.

6. You will attend all coaching sessions on time, at the agreed times.

7. All coaching packages must be finalised within 6 months from the first coaching session (where applicable).

8. If a personal 1:1 session needs to be re-scheduled this will be done so with 24 hours notice using the “reschedule session” button within your confirmation email. Any session without 24 hours’ notice will be forfeited; unless previously consulted with Megan in the case of emergency/unforeseen events.

9. Both you and the coach will keep confidential all information discussed or presented in the sessions, including but not limited to Megan’s intellectual property, and the structure and content of the sessions.

10. You are willing to give full and honest disclosure about relevant facts or situations within each session.

11. You undertake these sessions at your own risk and that Megan is not responsible for the changes you choose to make in your life and is not liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

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