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My name is Megan North, the Founder of Wellness While Working. My mission is to help you transform your leadership style, and help you become the inspiring, visionary leader you strive to be.

Transformational leaders know how to encourage, motivate, and align their team to perform in ways that create positive outcomes and meaningful change. The result is an engaged, empowered workforce who are passionate about innovation and driving company success.

Next generation leadership is less about the old paradigms of hierarchy, power, and authority and everything to do with human needs and emotional intelligence. The most valued leadership competencies in the modern world are now measured in terms of inclusivity, safety, ethics, morals, integrity, transparency, fairness, empowerment, authenticity, connection and belonging. Our primal need to thrive and be accepted for who we are is acknowledged and celebrated by the inspirational leader.

Wellness While Working is part of that global shift toward inspirational leadership, helping thought leaders, industry leaders, C-level executives, senior teams and solo entrepreneurs around the globe, navigate this brave new world where leadership is so much more than a sharp mind and sound commercial experience.

It’s about knowing who you are as a person, what your past influences were and how they impact you today. It’s about understanding and acknowledging your self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, while having the courage and desire to do the work and be the best version of yourself.

Wellness While Working is your partner on that journey.


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