With any type of multiple session package we will take a deeper look into how we turn visions and intentions into actions and reality.  I will help you create a structure around the growth and development you are looking at and together we will put a plan in place to make them exciting, desirable, inspiring and achievable.

We will set goals around behaviours, not outcomes because we want these changes to be sustainable.  If we work on the change in behaviour we will be looking at what you will be doing, not what you will achieve.  You can only grow and develop if you are willing to change what you do.

The goals we will set will be positive and exciting to you, otherwise there is no point in setting them!  If you reflect on goals you’ve tried to achieve in the past, have they been goals you have wanted to achieve or something someone else wanted you to?  We will explore this question deeply when we begin as it is so important to establish why you are looking to grow and develop in the first place.

Setting goals focuses on the how and provides direction, clarity and helps create new habits.



Point me in the right direction

AUD $449 (ex GST)

1 x 60-minute coaching session + 2 x 30-minute follow up coaching sessions.

This package is ideal if you have a specific area you would like coaching on.  Something you know you are ready to develop, you just need structure and support to make it sustainable.

Together we will:

Identify and discuss the area you want to develop

Establish the reasons why this is so important to you

Look at the options you have to ensure you are successful, ie what is realistic with where you are right now

Tailor a plan you can commit to so you achieve your goal

Rock solid

Creating lasting behaviours

AUD $2,599 (ex GST)

12 x 50-minute coaching sessions.

When you feel so overwhelmed that you need ongoing support to help you gain optimal mental health, wellbeing and balance in your life. You will create strong and lasting change in the way you live your life and it is designed to not only imbed these changes and make them “rock solid” but also to ensure you are getting the right guidance and support along the way.

Together we will:

Identify and discuss the areas you feel overwhelmed and where you need more balance

Establish the reasons why these are so important to you

Look at the options you have to ensure you are successful, ie what is realistic with where you are right now

Create a Wellness Vision

Establish some goals that are attractive and sustainable

Create a greater awareness within yourself so you can have a different or deeper perspective on the overwhelm in your life

Generate self-responsibility to ensure the changes you are making are aligned to your values

Bespoke Packages and sessions

I work with individuals and groups of people and would be happy to create a program for your specific needs. Please give me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for.



“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from my 12-week coaching course with Wellness While Working. I had an idea of the things I wanted to work on but no idea how to even start, that’s where my vision statement came in.

Once I had my vision statement and started setting goals each week, that were not only important to me but also attainable, always linking back to my statement it became very clear. While it was always up to me to set my goals and do the work, I knew that Megan was there to guide and support me every step of the way, she was like my own personal cheerleader.

What I also appreciated was Megan’s authenticity, the way she called a spade a spade and kept me grounded and focused during my journey. The shift I feel in my behaviours and thought patterns, both professionally and personally (added bonus I wasn’t expecting) has been so incredible as is the sense of accomplishment and pride I have after completing the course.

I could not recommend the 12 week coaching course more highly, trust me when I say you will be in excellent hands.”

– Emily Burrell, Canberra

Thank you so much for the sessions.  I have not only enjoyed them but have had tremendous breakthroughs because of them.  I just cannot thank you enough.  Several other related issues are getting resolved and my health is getting better as well.  Most importantly, absolute lack of fear at work and in life has liberated me.

I am confident you will touch many more lives and transform them, like you have done mine.  I sincerely hope people realize what a fantastic opportunity it is to work with you.

As discussed, I will be booking a few more individual sessions to allow me to work on some other things.  As always, I shall look forward to them.

– Vidya Pai, Sydney

“Thoroughly enjoyed having Megan lead a 4-week well-being session for a long-term strategic program at Boral. The feedback from the team has been super positive.  Many thanks, Megan for your insights and care.”


– Tanya Whiteing, CIO, Boral

Megan provides a safe space for me to work through my challenges, even though we have been colleagues in a former organisation I have always felt like I could trust her.  This makes it so much easier to do the work I need to do and to be totally honest so we can really get to the bottom of my beliefs and make the changes.

– Chantelle, Sydney.

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