I’m so excited you have chosen this time to honour your future self.

As soon as you reserve your place and pay for you sessions your journey begins.

Look out for your introductory email congratulating you on taking this pro-active step towards the future you envision for yourself and welcoming you to Wellness While Working.

You will also receive a brief questionnaire, designed as a series of open-ended questions to allow you to work through what you wish to work on.  The questions will also encourage you to recognise your strengths while also providing the opportunity to identify areas of growth and development.  Whether you opt for a package or a single session, you will have a clear starting point and an achievable end goal. However, please keep in mind, each session is tailored and unique to you so the progress made in each session will vary.  You can choose to do one session a week, a fortnight or even (if your time is stretched) one session a month.  The most important factor is your commitment to completing each of the sessions you undertake within six months of purchase.  At the end of these sessions, you will gain greater awareness and insights to empower you on your wellness journey to becoming the best version you can be.

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

– Unknown


Single Session – 90 minutes – $350.

These sessions are ideal if you have a specific area you would like coaching on.  Something you know you are ready to develop, you just need structure and support to make it sustainable.

Together we will:

  • identify and discuss the area you want to develop;
  • establish the reasons why;
  • look at the options you have to ensure you are successful, ie what is realistic with where you are right now; and
  • tailor a plan you can commit to so you achieve your goal.

3 session package – 1 x 90 minutes, 2 x 60 minutes – AUD$800.
6 session package – 2 x 90 minutes, 4 x 60 minutes – AUD$1,520.

With any type of multiple session package we will take a deeper look into how we turn visions and intentions into actions and reality.  I will help you create a structure around the growth and development you are looking at and together we will put a plan in place to make them exciting, desirable, inspiring and achievable.

We will set goals around behaviours, not outcomes because we want these changes to be sustainable.  If we work on the change in behaviour we will be looking at what you will be doing, not what you will achieve.  You can only grow and develop if you are willing to change what you do.

The goals we will set will be positive and exciting to you, otherwise there is no point in setting them!  If you reflect on goals you’ve tried to achieve in the past, have they been goals you have wanted to achieve or something someone else wanted you to?  We will explore this question deeply when we begin as it is so important to establish why you are looking to grow and develop in the first place.

Setting goals focuses on the how and provides direction, clarity and helps create new habits.

Bespoke Packages and sessions.

I work with individuals and groups of people and would be happy to create a program for your specific needs.

Please give me a call and we can discuss what you are looking for.

Client love


Thank you so much for the sessions.  I have not only enjoyed them but have had tremendous breakthroughs because of them.  I just cannot thank you enough.  Several other related issues are getting resolved and my health is getting better as well.  Most importantly, absolute lack of fear at work and in life has liberated me.

I am confident you will touch many more lives and transform them, like you have done mine.  I sincerely hope people realize what a fantastic opportunity it is to work with you.

As discussed, I will be booking a few more individual sessions to allow me to work on some other things.  As always, I shall look forward to them.

– Vidya Pai, Sydney

Megan provides a safe space for me to work through my challenges, even though we have been colleagues in a former organisation I have always felt like I could trust her.  This makes it so much easier to do the work I need to do and to be totally honest so we can really get to the bottom of my beliefs and make the changes.

– Chantelle, Sydney.

It is so easy to work with Megan because she just gets it.  I don’t have to spend time explaining what it is like to work in corporate because of her background.  This helps us to get right into the process.

– Trond, Sydney.

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