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How can I support you?

Unlock the potential of your journey with an initial chat.  As a coach I believe in the power of meaningful connections, and these calls are designed to be the first step towards a transformative experience.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on something you are currently dealing with, looking to explore my services, or simply curious about what I offer, this 30-minute call is all about you and I getting to know each other a little better.

I understand that when you are frozen in the overwhelm it feels particularly difficult to move forward, but by booking in for a call with me you may find that it isn’t as difficult as you initially thought.


30-minute 1:1 online call via Zoom.


Megan North, Wellness While Working: How can I support you?
Megan North, Wellness While Working: Overwhelm to Oasis Accelerator

Overwhelm to Oasis Accelerator

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just can’t think straight?  You find yourself standing, frozen and your mind is completely blank?

This short and transformative coaching journey is designed to guide you from the depths of overwhelm to the serene oasis of balance and fulfillment. In the fast-paced and demanding world we live in, it’s easy to find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of responsibilities, expectations, and constant change.  The Overwhelm to Oasis Accelerator coaching package is your beacon of light, offering a structured and personalized approach to help you navigate the chaos and discover the oasis of calm within.

Picture this coaching package as your personalized roadmap, guiding you through the intricate landscape of your life and helping you identify the source of your overwhelm, build resilience, regain control, and ultimately transform overwhelm into a peaceful oasis.

Embark on this transformative journey with me and let this be the catalyst for positive change in your life.  Say goodbye to the overwhelm chaos and welcome the tranquillity of your personal oasis.  


3 x 60-minute 1:1 individual coaching sessions online via Zoom over a 2-3 month period.

$1,390 (incl GST).

Leading SELFF Foundation Program

Are you ready to stand in your empowerment and overcome all the feelings that come with being overwhelmed?

If your answer is YES, then this group coaching program is for you.

This is not just a solution; it’s an empowering journey toward reclaiming your wellbeing.  Life’s demands can often leave us feeling stretched thin, emotionally drained, and struggling to keep up. This program is your sanctuary, a space where you will learn to cultivate resilience, manage stress, and rediscover joy and purpose.

Embark on this transformative journey and rediscover the sense of calm, clarity, and empowerment you deserve.


12 x 90-minute group coaching sessions online via Zoom completed in 3 months (maximum 12 participants).

Please book in for a call with me to discuss this program further.

Wellness While Working: Leading SELFF Foundation Program
Wellness While Working: Balance & Bloom: Your journey from stress to success

Balance & Bloom: Your journey from stress to success

If you aren’t a group coaching kind of woman and you are looking for a VIP experience, my Balance & Bloom program is ideal.  This package is tailored for individuals seeking sustained support in achieving optimal mental health, wellbeing and balance in all areas of your life.  We will work together privately over a 12-month period and will meet twice a month for private 1:1 coaching sessions.

I have designed this program for those women who are feeling overwhelmed and in need of guidance to foster significant and enduring changes in their lives.  We will look at and work on areas such as: an in-depth analysis on the specific source and areas of your life where the overwhelm is arising from; understanding your personal significance; identify practical and achievable strategies to ensure your success; enhance self-awareness and foster self-responsibility and craft a wellness vision that will keep you on track so that if and when the overwhelm shows up you are well equipped to make it work for you.

This coaching package is a journey towards embedding substantial changes in your life, providing the support and guidance needed every step of the way to ensure these changes are not only implemented but also deeply integrated into your daily living.


24 x 60-minute 1:1 private coaching sessions online via Zoom over 12 months.

Please book in for a call with me to discuss this program further.



“I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from my 12-week coaching course with Wellness While Working. I had an idea of the things I wanted to work on but no idea how to even start, that’s where my vision statement came in.

Once I had my vision statement and started setting goals each week, that were not only important to me but also attainable, always linking back to my statement it became very clear. While it was always up to me to set my goals and do the work, I knew that Megan was there to guide and support me every step of the way, she was like my own personal cheerleader.

What I also appreciated was Megan’s authenticity, the way she called a spade a spade and kept me grounded and focused during my journey. The shift I feel in my behaviours and thought patterns, both professionally and personally (added bonus I wasn’t expecting) has been so incredible as is the sense of accomplishment and pride I have after completing the course.

I could not recommend the 12 week coaching course more highly, trust me when I say you will be in excellent hands.”

– Emily Burrell, Canberra

“Thoroughly enjoyed having Megan lead a 4-week well-being session for a long-term strategic program at Boral. The feedback from the team has been super positive.  Many thanks, Megan for your insights and care.”

– Tanya Whiteing, CIO, Boral

Thank you so much for the sessions.  I have not only enjoyed them but have had tremendous breakthroughs because of them.  I just cannot thank you enough.  Several other related issues are getting resolved and my health is getting better as well.  Most importantly, absolute lack of fear at work and in life has liberated me.

I am confident you will touch many more lives and transform them, like you have done mine.  I sincerely hope people realize what a fantastic opportunity it is to work with you.

As discussed, I will be booking a few more individual sessions to allow me to work on some other things.  As always, I shall look forward to them.

– Vidya Pai, Sydney

I’ve been having health coaching sessions with Megan and it’s been an absolute pleasure!  She’s so approachable, very perceptive, supportive, and a fantastic listener. I’ve loved our regular sessions and it’s like chatting with a fabulous friend – with the bonus of improving my health with me taking action on things that have previously been very tricky in the past for me to implement. 

I highly, highly recommend working with Megan! If you’re looking to improve your health and lifestyle – she’s the one. She’s so understanding and has been a great accountability partner and a wonderful support to me.

– Dr Melissa Raymond PhD, Melbourne VIC

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