This is a big one for me, having 20 years experience working in People & Culture, trust forms part of my every day.  But not just in my work day, in everything I do.  The one thing that has always bugged me about trust, particularly in the work I do is how it is used as power.

Let me give you an example – I have had so many meetings throughout my career where I’ve been told by a leader that I should feel privileged that they are “bringing me into the tent” on certain matters.  Really?  I should feel privileged?  To me this feels like a veiled form of trust.  In my every day dealings as a human resource professional, everything I do with employees and leaders is all about trust, it is what is expected of us.  So why do I need to be reminded of how privileged I am?

On the other hand, I’ve had many leaders who have trusted me from day one and really partnered with me in everything they have done for their team and their employees.

So why do some leaders trust and others don’t?  Perhaps they have taken on a belief system from someone they have worked with recently or years ago.  Perhaps it is even older than that and it comes from a belief system within their family or their community.  Either way it is a leadership trait that all leaders should be using wisely, not as a form of power.

Is trust a leadership trait that you would like to work on?  Do you have old belief systems around trust that is stopping you from being the inspirational leader you want to be?

Let’s connect and work together so you can: TRANSFORM.  EVOLVE.  EMPOWER.

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