I believe you can be a really strong leader and still show kindness in everything you do.  When we explore your leadership style we may need to do some digging as to what kindness means to you and how it shows up when you lead.

Is it possible you have taken on “old school” beliefs around kindness in the workplace from your parents or grandparents?  Could you unconsciously look at being kind to your direct reports as being a soft or poor leader because of something you read years ago when leadership was different to what it is today?  You will be truly amazed at what we uncover when we start to dig. 

I know from personal experience that leaders who have shown kindness to me are the ones I remember for the right reasons and I certainly didn’t think they were a poor leader for doing so.  If you want to be remembered for your leadership style my Inspired Leadership Package may be life changing.  If you would like to make an enquiry please click here.


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