I remember years ago when I had my first leadership role, I was working for an IT company as their Global HR Manager and had a team of 10 reporting to me, some were in the Sydney office and the rest were in various offices all over the world.

When I think back to this time as a new leader, I didn’t have an issue with delegating to those who were overseas, in my mind it just made sense as I wasn’t in the office.  It did take some time however to delegate effectively to those who were in the office with me.

When I think back as to why that was, I realised I had a belief system that because I was there with them, I still needed to have the overall control of what work was coming out of our team.  I then realised that this belief was something that I had taken on from a previous leader when I was a legal secretary, long before my time as a HR professional.  Although I had autonomy, I still had to run everything past them, and they ultimately said yes to the release of my work.

I have since worked through these limiting beliefs and I have absolutely no issue at all with delegating anymore, if I don’t delegate, I am not coaching and mentoring my team to become great leaders themselves.  If I don’t delegate, I take on far too much and I’m ultimately saying that the team I have around me isn’t good enough to do the work.

Is delegation something you struggle with as a leader?  Are you taking on too much due to not having the right team in place?  Are you holding your team back and not letting them grow and develop?

If this resonates with you, you may have belief systems that are stopping you from delegating.  Through the digging technique we will work through this and once we identify the bottom belief, we will clear it so you never have to deal with it again.  Imagine how freeing as a leader that could be for you, imagine how happy your team would be if you would let them grow and develop under your leadership.


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