To be an inspirational leader you need to be authentic, I don’t believe there is any other way.

If you had asked me this a couple of months ago however I may have said something different.

Let me tell you why, because I had a very old belief system that blocked me from being authentic when I led a team.  I realised this when I reflected on my 1:1 meetings with my direct reports, I would always ask them how they were, what was going on in their life etc but when they asked me the same questions I gave them a “leader” answer, a “corporate” answer.  I gave them an answer that I believed was acceptable as their leader.  But it wasn’t authentic, it wasn’t how I was truly feeling.  I realised then that I had taken on some old beliefs from leaders I had worked for over the last 20 years who were different at work and home.

When I did some digging on myself around these beliefs it was very apparent that over the years leadership has changed, and leadership traits have evolved significantly.  As a leader we should be showing up as ourselves, not someone who we think the organisation wants us to be.  What’s wrong with me being authentic and telling my team that I was upset that it was my father’s anniversary of his passing over the weekend?  What’s wrong with telling them that the lockdown did get me down at times?  It was in these moments when the real conversations started because they saw me for who I really was, a human being. 

I also realised that I had taken on a belief from a fairly recent leader of mine who didn’t like the way I wrote, they didn’t think I was “corporate” enough.  I’m really grateful that I uncovered this belief because once I cleared it I have had the confidence to write these weekly posts as authentically as I am.  I know I write like I speak, but that’s ok because I wouldn’t want someone to be reading these posts and then be surprised when they meet me!

What are your beliefs around authenticity when leading?  Could you have old beliefs like I did?  Would you like to work together to clear those beliefs and reprogram the way you lead?  My Inspired Leadership Package may be just what you need.

Let’s connect and work together so you can: TRANSFORM.  EVOLVE.  EMPOWER.

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